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The Baker’s Dozen (2 of 3)

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It has been a while but I’m back. Here is the second installment of the 3 part series.

Let’s get right to it…

Send Video Email

mailVU provides the ability to record a video email at any time, and send it to recipients where they can open it at any time. There is no need for the sender and the recipient to be online at the same time.
mailVU video mail is private. Video emails are sent directly to recipients, with the sender having read notification and self-destruct options.
The sender can decide at any point in time to immediately delete the video email, even if they didn’t put a self-destruct setting on the original message.

It’s easy to get started. There’s no download, so all you need to get started is an internet connection and a webcam. mailVU works with a Mac or a PC and in any browser. Video is even viewable on smart phones!

How cool is that!

Go to their website to set up your free account today. However, you don’t even have to set up an account to use this service.


Video Chatting

Paltalk gives you the best multi-person video chat experience on the web! With voice, video and text chat, Paltalk can make sure you are seen and heard. You can conference with up to 9 other people – yes, 10 people on a video conference.

Just go on ahead to their site and download the free software and get started today.


Broadcast your announcements
to 25 people simultaneously

Trust me when I tell you that this is a service that you absolutely must have. It is free and it will certainly help you get the word out about what you’re doing. The service is called PhoneVite.

When should you use this service?


* Send Important School Updates * Send Absence notifications * Remind colleagues of Conference Calls or Sales Meetings* Announce Company News * Broadcast Emergency Alerts * Provide Appointment Reminders * Confirm Orders and Product Delivery Statuses * Recruit Volunteers / Substitutes


* Send Phone Reminders of Events * Broadcast Weather-Related Cancellations * Inform New Venue or Time Changes * Provide Last-Minute Directions * Recruit Substitute Fill-ins
* Replace Calling Trees * Obtain Quick RSVP Counts * Find out Who Can Bring What * Make Quick, Instant Thank You Calls * Call for Lost & Found Notifications * Announce
Event Follow-ups


* Provide Hospital / Health Updates* ‘New Baby’ Announcements * Update Family while on Overseas Duty * Plan Parties and Family Get-Togethers * Send Prayer Requests * Provide Encouraging Words * Recommend New Product / Service to friends * Broadcast Urgent Notifications * Tell people New Contact Details

This is a great service that you can leverage to get the word out to your contacts be they business or personal.

So click on the link below to set up your free account today:


Automate your Email Follow-up

Autoresponders can make your life a lot easier, folks.
The following information is an excerpt taken from

*** Excerpt Begins ***

Building An Opt-in Mail List

Just as a brick-and-mortar business loves to build a happy clientele that keeps coming back to buy again and again, so online business want to build relationships with visitors as well as customers so they will keep coming back. Physical stores may ask their customers to provide their name for a store mailing list which alerts them to special sales, etc. The online mailing list is even more important than the physical counterpart, because there isn’t an online equivalent to driving down the street and noticing a “Sale” sign in the window of your favorite store. For an online business to compete and survive, it is virtually necessary for the owner to build an email list of people who have willingly given their names, with the expectation that they will be advised about things they are interested in. Building this list can be done several ways, but an autoresponder or email list program with autoresponder functions is usually the tool of choice. You need to be careful, of course, in selecting the autoresponder for this purpose. Some are much better suited to do it than others.

Following Up With Visitors

So you have an opt-in email list started. What do you do with it? A list of names isn’t much good unless you follow up with them about your product offerings. Obviously the basic autoresponder function of responding to e-mail messages isn’t of much value here. You need a function that can send follow-up messages to addresses you already have. And that is one of the additional functions of a good autoresponder or an e-mail list program. It is often called the ‘broadcast’ function for obvious reasons – a message is broadcast to all the addresses in the list at once. Again, not all autoresponders allow this function, and some do it better than others.

Multi-part Courses

Offering multi-part courses is one of several methods to attract visitors to your site. The course establishes you as an expert in some field – even if you aren’t! Any good information source can be broken down into several parts and placed in autoresponder follow-up messages, to be sent at whatever interval you choose. This approach is often used as a sales tool. When the student gains confidence in you through the information you have provided, you can then present your product (hopefully related to the course material) and hopefully gain a sale. You can advertise your free course anywhere on the Internet. Included in your instant or follow-up message would be an invitation to join your opt-in list. Do you get the idea of the power of offering a free course?

Basic Sales

Studies have shown that you need to present your product before a potential customer several times to increase the likelihood of making a sale. To do that, you want to give the potential customer a good reason to send his/her e-mail address. Since he/she may not have enough interest simply to ask for more information about your product, you will want to offer some incentive, like a free gift or service. Whatever the method, you want to get the potential customer into your autoresponder message sequence, then, in those messages, send your customer to your web site to make the sale.

Customer Support

This is a large topic. If you are selling information products, you may want to use autoresponders as the product delivery method. You can provide after-sale support information such as FAQs (frequently asked questions), thank-you messages, request for testimonials, etc. There is really no limit, other than your imagination, to the uses that autoresponders can provide in supporting your customer.

*** Excerpt Ends ***

There are some pretty darn good autoresponder services out there, but personally, I like GetResponse. Check out their site:


Okay, see you guys with tips 10 through 13 in a week or so.

Written by Tyrone Turner

May 2, 2011 at 8:29 pm