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The Baker’s Dozen (Pt. 3 of 3)

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Pay rewards for the results you want


Online customers waste time in search of buyers and sellers for their time-sensitive transactions. ReferQuest increases e-commerce’s efficiency by providing incentives for referrers to match buyers & sellers. Clients post referral fees on ReferQuest to provide incentive for uncovering the connections they seek. Visitors refer the requests on to their own contacts. ReferQuest brokers the messages and tracks the dealings between the parties. ReferQuest updates and publishes star ratings of participants, supporting mutual accountability. When transactions close, ReferQuest collects the commission the client had posted, disbursing it to the person who provided the successful referral, and taking its own commission.

Using ReferQuest as a client:

ReferQuest allows you to post notices regarding what you’re looking for, and how much you’re willing to pay when someone (a “connector”) helps you find it. The referral fee you post will attract connectors to assist you as you seek or sell a service or item.

ReferQuest doesn’t take any payment upfront; when you’re satisfied that you’ve found what you’re looking for, the site trusts you to pay the referral fee you set. You can indicate that the transaction is closed by clicking on the status update button that appears next to the record of your posting in your Dashboard.

Paying the referral fee when you’ve finished a transaction will help you gain and maintain your standing as a highly-starred requester. A high rating will help ensure that highly-starred participants will want to work with you. It’s up to you to decide how much you’ll pay as a reward to find what you’re looking for.

ReferQuest does not charge fees to post. It does charge by taking a 20% commission of the commission you post. For example, if you post a $20 reward, ReferQuest will take $4, leaving $16 for the connector. If you want the net fee you offer a referrer to be $20, you would commit to pay $24.

Working with ReferQuest as a connector:

Anyone can make referrals on ReferQuest. Connectors (people who make referrals) don’t have to be professionals. If you see a posting and know someone who could fulfill the request, you can send them a message through the ReferQuest system. Your friend will then have a chance to contact the requester via ReferQuest. If the requester chooses your friend, they will be expected to report the transaction as closed, at which point they will be prompted to pay you the reward they promised.

All members of ReferQuest are on the honor system, and honest participation helps members gain, and maintain, higher star ratings. When the requester closes the transaction (that you helped to set up), you are due the referral reward that they offered . It’s easy for the requester to pay the reward through the site. If you’re the connector and want to make sure you get paid, or if you were referred, and want to make sure the friend who connected you got paid, then you can send a note to the requester through the site, prompting them to pay. Keep in mind that ultimately, however, ReferQuest can’t force the requester to pay… so, when choosing among requesters whose requests you can serve, check to see that they have a good rating.

Getting paid as a connector:

Payments on ReferQuest are made through PayPal.

To learn more about ReferQuest, visit their website @


Store your files in your own “cloud”

As per the Justin James’s review on Tech Republic’s website, with a huge feature set and a number of different ways to access files, FilesAnywhere has something for everyone that needs offsite file storage.

FilesAnywhere combines online file backup and online file storage into one convenient package. With a huge feature set and a number of different ways to access the files, FilesAnywhere has something for everyone that has a need for offsite file storage.
Who’s it for?

Highly mobile users who are frequently using computers that are not theirs will appreciate being able to access their files from a single location and not worry about synchronization issues.

People who are looking to backup documents (but not entire file systems) will also appreciate FilesAnywhere, especially since they will not need to worry about hardware. In addition, anyone who is looking for a way of storing important documents offsite will want to take a look at FilesAnywhere.

What problems does it solve?

Most users do not backup their local systems. FilesAnywhere makes it easy to perform backups (both scheduled and real-time synchronization) to a location that is not dependent upon a particular piece of hardware. In addition, with FilesAnywhere, you do not need to worry about whether or not you remembered to put the right files on a Flash drive, since you can download them from just about any client imaginable.

Set up a free account today.


Type now, post later

From one single interface, you can schedule future-dated posts on all your blogs, as well as your microblogging accounts.

If you run more than one blog, you know what a chore it is to log on to each one and schedule your posts. With Hoot Suite, you can schedule entries to be posted on Twitter and any microblogging site that is based on the software, such as

With our support of, you can schedule entries for all the microblogging and status update services that they support.
Recurring scheduling is optional, but it’s extremely easy with Post Later. You select the start date, how frequently the entry should be posted, the number of times that the entry posting should recur, and Post Later does the rest for you while you spend your time on more important things.

To learn more about this wonderful service, go to the following site:


All-in-One Messaging

Being true to being a baker’s dozen — 13 instead of 12, I just had to share this tool with you all.

Increase response rates, brand awareness, and return on investment using a single web-based software that integrates every popular messaging channel. For the same price others charge for just email or mobile marketing alone, you can upgrade to a service that integrates it ALL.

You see Mobile Keywords all over TV, radio, magazines, and Fortune 500 websites. People text your Keyword to 69302 to join your mobile list. You can then send direct response campaigns for promotions, coupons, sales alerts, and important news!

To start your 15-day free trial, visit the Trumpia website today to get started.


Fellow Entrepreneur, I hope that you found this whitepaper helpful.

If you haven’t already please take a few moments to complete the questionnaire @

When I have a better understanding of what it is that you’re looking to do, I may be able to put you in touch with people and resources to help you reach your goals and help you save time, energy, and money.

Please give me some feedback on this report. You know, things that you liked, you didn’t like, and things that you picked up along your journey. I am certainly open to new ways of doing things.

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Thank you so much for your time, and may the universe shower its infinite abundance upon you.