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Urgent and Important Matters

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In Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, he has a graphic called the “Time Management Matrix.” Therein, he says that things that are both urgent and important are generally problems – usually a result of improper planning. However, in Robert Greene’s best-selling book, The 33 Strategies of War, strategy number four is Create a sense of urgency and desperation: Death-ground. This strategy recommends that you place yourself where your back is against the wall and you have to fight like hell ot get out alive. The conquistador, Hernan Cortes, did this by boring holes in his ships and burning them so that his men HAD TO fight the Aztecs and go deeper into Mexico.

The reason I bring this up is to ask you how your business resolutions for this year are going. It is the 26th of January now so let’s do an enthusiasm check. Are you still excited and motivated to accomplish your business/career goals that you set for yourself? If you truly are, you should be pursuing them aggressively. If you’re not pursuing them aggressively, why even bother in the first place?

I’m just saying…

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