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10 Tips for Job Seekers

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I interview A LOT of people. Here are 10 things that people may want to consider when looking for a job:

  1. Have a current resume and make sure it has no typos
  2. Set up a LinkedIn account and upload your resume
  3. Connect with those with whom you have worked with and those with whom you would like to work with – do research on them and the company they work for
  4. Ask customers, peers, direct reports and supervisors to recommend you on LinkedIn
  5. Follow-up with those with whom you want to interview and those that you are looking to interview with via email, phone, and direct mail/snail mail
  6. Ask people who do they know who is hiring
  7. Mind your manners and exercise discretion on Facebook – you don’t want people getting the wrong impression of you
  8. Make sure to have dark suits (navy, black, dark gray) in your wardrobe
  9. Have a relatively conservative pair of black shoes and make sure they are at least clean if not polished
  10. Go light on the cologne or perfume

I hope this helps

Written by Tyrone Turner

June 4, 2012 at 10:53 am