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Do you need to work a full-time job?

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Truth is only you can answer that question.


However, I’d like to share information with you about the potential benefits one can enjoy while working part-time instead of full-time.

Since I left my last job working with a NYC agency, I have been working part-time and I must say that I like it. Of course, my income is not what it used to be, but this is a temporary situation. While I have been working part-time I have enrolled in an information technology school where I am training to become an IT Engineer. As an IT Engineer I will be able to assist and answer just about any question as it pertains to computer repair, installation and upgrade all Windows, MAC, and Linux systems. There is no way that I would have been able to take this course if I was working full-time.

Some say that they have full-time bills so a part-time income will not cut it. I understand that, but I have two part-time jobs so money is coming in and I have other “hustles.” Additionally, consider this: Abraham Lincoln said, “It I had four hours to chop down a tree three of those hours would be spent sharpening my ax.” That is why I’m in school – sharpening my ax so that I can chop down bigger money trees in the future.

Upon completion of my training, I will look to take a part-time internship so that I can gain experience and then eventually ease into a career as a contracted IT consultant.


Let me tell you about my two current part-time jobs.

I work part-time for two non-profit organizations. One is where I work as a program facilitator with urban youth teaching them various socially desirable behaviors and skills and teaching academic courses in an innovative way using elements of Hip Hop music. The other part-time job is working with the YMCA as a martial arts instructor teaching children and teens Karate and teaching adults practical personal protection.

I’m also started a home-based direct sales business, but I admittedly haven’t done too much with it as of yet. It is documented that the products and the compensation plan work, but you as an independent sales agent must work to generate revenue – of course. I say that with a touch of sarcasm because it amazes me how people complain that they don’t make money in these kind of businesses, but they don’t get off of their butts to do the required work. Perhaps they don’t understand that the only thing that falls from the sky are rain drops and snow flakes – not money.

Anyway, I’d like to share a few resources to help you figure out if working part-time is feasible for you over working full-time.

Here are links to three articles that I think you may find interesting:

Thank you for your time and attention, and may whichever path you choose for yourself, I hope that it yields a bountiful harvest.

Hey, do you know Vito?

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I have been laying low for the past few months while I was conducting research and handling a few personal matters, but now I’m back. Thank you for your patience.


Do you know Vito? Vito is an acronym for “Very Important Top Officer”. Vito is the decision-maker in a given organization.

When I was an account executive and later a business developer for a major international litigation support company, I encountered scores of individuals who falsely conveyed that they are the decision-maker. This can cause you to waste time and money on the wrong people. Interview people carefully to separate the prospects from the suspects. Doing so will help you save a lot of time, energy, and money.

We are living in the information age, so check out your target company’s/prospect’s website to learn more about the company and to figure out who the decision makers are. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to start trying to get an appointment with Vito.

Here is an example of how to get a meeting with Vito…

Make a phone call to the company’s main line. You’ll probably be speaking to a receptionist or an operator from the message center. Say something like this:

You – “Hello. How are you today? [wait for a response]. I am putting together a information packet for Ms. Vito, and I’d like to send one to her assistant as well. Would you be so kind as to tell me his or her name, please?”

Receptionist – “Her assistant’s name is John Smith.”

You – “Thank you very much. I’m going to drop off goodies as well when I have the information packets delivered. What is your name? I’d like to drop off some for you too.”

Receptionist – “Why, thank you! My name is Mary Brown.”

You – “Okay, Mary, thank you so much, and look out for the little bag of goodies that I’ll be sending your way. Enjoy the rest of the day.”

Sidebar – goodies can be something like assorted candies, cookies, etc.

Goody bags work nearly every single time. Now, you make sure to get goodies over to John and Mary (the assistant and receptionist) a.s.a.p.! These two individuals are gate keepers, and they are privy to Ms. Vito’s likes and dislikes, her schedule, and other “need to know” info within the organization.

The gatekeepers are very, very important resources and can be wonderful allies. Definitely get goodies over to them, and at the very least work to get a phone meeting so you can gather information. Take care of them, and they in turn will take care of you and help you get a meeting with Vito, and/or help you identify others that you can speak to.

That’s karma baby….

For more information, go to your local library and check out Getting to VITO (The Very Important Top Officer): 10 Steps to VITO’s Office, by Anthony Parinello.

Check out an interview that I did a few years ago on this subject. It is a 30-minute interview with my my then business partner, Lisa Torres.

CLICK HERE, to listen to the interview now.

Think on these things, and I hope you get good mileage from this info.

All the best to you!